Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Adoption Anniversary Milan!

We take a moment to interrupt your regularly scheduled dose of sleeping kitties to share with you a very special day for Milan. It was one year ago today, that we brought her home from the shelter!  Her day of celebration was filled with tons of fun.  We do not know her birthday, so decided we would celebrate birthdays on the anniversary of her adoption.  Today she is 4 years old.  First, we purchased an adorable chicken flavored kitty cake from My Best Friend Pet Bakery.

Milan likes her food warmed up so we were wondering how she would take to the refrigerated cake. 

We were happy when she sniffed out the cake! We cut her off a little triangle and put it in her bowl and are still waiting for her to eat it.

No birthday is complete with presents!  Milan loves boxes (like most cats) so we thought the Cat TeePee (available at Amazon) would appeal to her.

She climbed in before I even finished putting it together.

Once it was together she was quite content.

After her celebration, she was quite sleepy and fell asleep.

 I hope Milan enjoyed her past year with us and we hope to have many many more! Pin It


  1. Happy Adoption Anniversary Milan, looks like you had a lovely day.
    Also what a lovely cake and just typical that it's left uneaten! I got so excited getting the cats their own advent calendar last year but I opened the first door and they just sniffed the treats and walked off in disgust... couldn't have been up to their standards!! =^..^=

  2. An advent calendar for cats sounds very cute! Cats are so picky!

    We thought the cake looked yummy, id eat it if it wernt chicken flavored haha.