Meet Boo


Boo (named for the ghost shaped white spot on her side), is our third pet adopted from The Animal Welfare League of Arlington  Her story is that she was brought in, adopted for a child and when the child got older did not want to care for the rabbit anymore.  We got her as a companion Bunny (bunnies like to live in groups).  And they bonded quickly and easily taking to each other fast.  Within two weeks they were living in the same cage and grooming each other and laying down with each other.  We felt awful when we lost bunny and Boo lost her companion so soon.

We quickly learned how different animals personalities can be.  Boo is a completely different rabbit. Though she inst like Bunny, we love her little quirks as well.  Each morning when I go into the kitchen to pack my lunch for work, she runs to the edge of the cage that faces the kitchen and stands up on her hind legs until I give her a carrot.  Though she isn't a huge fan of being picked up like Bunny, you can sit next to her and rub her cheeks and ears and she will sit next to you.  She also will hop around the bed and head but our legs.  She doesn't jump up onto things like Bunny did, but we can put here where we want and she knows how to jump down when she is done.  

After research online we assume that Boo is part Rex and part other rabbit.  She has the body type of a Rex but the fur type is of something else.  Though, the breed of the pet isn't important just enjoying her presence is enough. 
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