Meet Usa-Chan


Usa-Chan is another new member of our family.  When looking for a companion for Boo, we saw Usa-Chan and put the three of them together.  For the meeting they just sat together huddled up and we knew we couldn't leave him behind.  Like Cinnabun, Usa-Chan is a still new to us and we are learning his personality.  What we can gauge so far is that he loves to hop and is the only rabbit of the three we have that has made it to the second shelf of the cage! We hope he continues this behavior when he finally starts to go exploring. 

Usa-Chan is about 2.5 years old and like Cinnabun, is believed to be a mini lop, but is quite large for one in our opinion!

UPDATE: Usa-Chan is unable to bond with Cinnabun and boo and unfortunately needs to go back to the shelter.  It breaks our hearts to have to send him back. He was such a sweet bun but he will be happiest in a home where he can be the only bunny.  If you live in the Washington, DC area, Usa-Can (named Quintin at the shelter) will be available.  Check him out at Bunny Magic Rabbit Rescue.
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