Saturday, May 19, 2012

Milan the Lion

So it has been a while since my last post. Still waiting for submissions!  In the meantime we have been training Milan to walk on a leash.  She already has many dog-like qualities such as wagging her tail when she is happy, greeting us at the door when we come home and begging!

This video is Milan's second time outside. The first time we took her to a friends fenced in backyard and this time she is out in the fenced in courtyard at our apartment.  At first she is a little apprehensive and wants to hide under bushes but she will start to explore once she is a little more comfortable.  

So, she definitely is not sleeping in this blog post however, after a time outside she seems to fall asleep for quite a long time <3


PS. If you have any questions about how we trained her to do this let me know! Also important to note is that before we take her outside we use Natures Defense flea, tick and mosquito repellant on her.  It is organic so we don't have to worry about when she grooms herself with it on and of course keeps her pest free!

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