Meet Milan


Here is the sleeping kitty, awake, and like all of our pets, she is causing mischief.  Milan was the second pet we adopted from The Animal Welfare League of ArlingtonWhile we had Bunny, we thought a kitty would make a great second pet.  Her story is sad, like all animals at a shelter, she was given up by a previous owner who no longer wanted her.  Having lived with cats (not mine) I can not fathom why anyone would want to give this kitty up.  Especially because they still had cats!  

She is the sweetest cat in the world (in my opinion anyway) Always greeting our guests when they come to visit and immediately sitting on their laps meowing and begging to be pet.  She constantly purrs at the slightest touch and even walks around our apartment purring for no apparent reason!  We discovered shortly that when we reach into the ice maker for ice she will come running to the refrigerator.  Eventually we dropped a piece of ice on the floor and she started batting it around.  

At the time we adopted her they estimated that she was about three years old, but is extremely playful almost like a kitten.  
She loves to knock stuff off of surfaces with her paw, such as pens but has no reservations about knocking off expensive items too, like a watch.  (We call these gravity experiments).  But we still love her.  Even when she drinks the water strait from our cups! Like most cats she likes to jump from furniture to furniture (we call this the lava game).  

Hopefully I can share more pictures of Milan with you (in addition to the sleepy Milan Mondays Photos)
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