Meet Bunny


December 2004 - May 30, 2011

Though Bunny was an impromptu pet store purchase, we did all we could to learn everything possible about Rabbits and their care. He was just 8 weeks old when we got him (A little Furball!). Over the next 6 years of Bunny's life we learned so much about rabbits and Bunny got to be the Guinna pig. Despite our lack of knowledge we took excellent care of him and spoiled him rotten (as evident from the profession photo above).

Our favorite aspect of Bunny's personality was that he was so much like a cat. When people would come over to visit, they would be amazed at Bunny's behavior always claiming that, "they didn't know a bunny behaved like him." But I think most of the time they were right, most bunnies weren't like him at all. He would jump on the couch with us (especially when eating a juicy piece of fruit) always loving to be picked up and pet. He was the Houdini of all bunnies, magically able to escape the confines of his cage. There were several occasions where I woke up with him hopping around the bed (the cat in him I suppose). None of our remote controls have buttons left, in fact nothing with rubber has any rubber left. He ate them all. Why? l will never know. He was so mischievous but somehow knew when to act cute so he wouldn't get in trouble. You could never be mad at something looking up at you from the ground with a little twitchy nose.

Bunny was taken from us way too soon. After only 6 years, he developed an unknown illness and the Vets could not save him. There was a problem with his liver that hit seemingly overnight. We have him cremated and he sits on a shelf over the rabbit cage where our three current rabbits live watching over them. I love all my pets but Bunny will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. Without him I would have never found out what wonderful pets Rabbits make and would have never saved the three that I currently have.

Bunny's Professional photos were donated to The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project, made into greeting cards.  All proceeds go to animal shelters and to saving animals lives.  

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