Saturday, January 21, 2012

Milan Tries Mr. Chewy

Through the course of reviewing the many cute sleeping kitties that come across my computer, I came across an appealing website where I can buy bet supplies online.  Having an extremely picky kitty (yes that adorable sleeping fur ball is picky!), it is essential that I can find the food that she will eat (which isn't always available at a store). This website is 

The website is on par with your major online retailers for navigation. There are multiple category breakdowns (important to know because hairball control is a #1 concern for our household!).  All the major brands were there that I could see, as well as ones I've never heard of. I was very impressed with the sheer number of categories that meet most of the various health concerns for dogs and cats. Low glycemic and prescription food options are tough to come by, so to have an online retailer who has a decent selection of these is a plus.

Cart and Checkout were again on par with your major online retailers. Shipping and tracking was a breeze; I was kept constantly updated via e-mail and was able to accurately track my shipment. It came nicely packaged and I couldn't have been happier!  Not to mention, free shipping on orders of over $50!

Honestly, I was very happy with the website and will use it for my cat products in the future. It was so good I wish they would expand to small animals because I could use a more expansive online retailer for products for my three rabbits. T

Furthermore, thanks to Mr Chewy, we were able to buy a boat load of canned food and a bag of hairball control cat food that we took on a trip over to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington where my lovely Milan came from! So we thank Mr Chewy for this opportunity to continue to support homeless animals until they all find loving homes.

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And of course their website Mr. Chewy

This is Kumar (available at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington)  Looks like the kitties there are not of the sleeping variety!!! (He's a cutie anyway)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fortress of Solitude

Name: Milan

Milan loves her cat tower. It is her second favorite place to sleep (first favorite place is our bed of course).  Caught her taking a cat nap.  

If anyone has photos of their cats sleeping in their cat towers/trees, id love to share them on the blog! Pin It