Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week Thursday

Name: Andy

Andy is an adorable sleeping kitty available for adoption at the Bay State Animals Cooperative  located in Norwood, MA.  His full Petfinder profile can be found Here
This kitty is less adoptable for many reasons.  He is FIV + and can only be a single cat or with cats vaccinated or currently also FIV +.  He is a slightly older cat at 10 years old making him less adoptable as well.  He also had all his teeth removed due to a dental infection but can still eat both wet and dry food okay.  Despite all these problems, he is a lap cat and will sleep in your bed at night.

I hope you can give Andy or another "Less Adoptable" pet a loving forever home. Pin It


  1. Oh bless him, sounds like he's had a time of it and deserves that forever home...

  2. Andy is adorable, he looks like a little Panda Bear! I just tweeted him