Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pet A Kitty Day

Saturday, October 29 is Pet a Kitty Day! Show the kitties in your life that you love them. Most important, show a homeless kitty who has no one to pet them what love is. 

"Participate in the possibility of love and happiness! Please note, this is very tentative. We are looking to create an event that brings people together with cats, allows an opportunity for adoption, and donates proceeds to human and animal charities. The intention is to unite people that need a companion with cats that need a home. The event is still in its infancy stages, and any support would be amazing."

For more information about holding a Pet a Kitty Day in your area visit the facebook event:

To follow along with Pet a Kitty day news, join the facebook group Pet a Kitty Day

Lets help homeless kitties find out the joy of being pet! Pin It

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