Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adoptable Sleeping Kitty-Ball

Name: Sandro

For the next few days I will be at New York Comic Con and therefore will be setting up automatic posts of adoptable cats in the city! Sandro is available for adoption from Animal Lovers Network, in New York, NY.  His full Adopt-a-Pet profile can be viewed Here.

I hope you can find Sandro, or another adoptable pet, a loving forever home. Pin It


  1. Sandro (what a cool name!) is a gorgeous cat! What is the "Comic Con?"

  2. Comic Con is a comic book convention in New York City! My husband and I love video games, comic books and all things geeky. It will be heaven! (Miss my Milan though but she is in good hands!)

  3. how cool!!! I hope you have (or are having) a great time! My future son-in-law is into comic books and video games too, I bet he would love it!
    Thanks for responding!