Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kitty Mine

Name: Milan

Milan's first road trip went very well! She meowed the entire three and a half hours so it was a good thing that my husband and I love the sound of kitties.  She got to meet her kitty aunt (my parents cat Neptune) and quickly enacted a plan to take over the house.

Now that she is back home in her own domain, her latest dose of cuteness comes by doing "Kitty land mines."  This is where she drops to the ground outside a doorway or major path of travel in the house as we are walking in order to sabotage us into tripping over her.  Here is a picture of her in the act.

Special thank you to my kitty Milan! Pin It


  1. at our house we call that "show your trust!"

  2. Thats cute! I always like to know the different names people come up with for kitty poses and actions!

  3. Our Daisy does this too but in her case it's a shameless request for a tummy rub! *plunkk*!!