Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preventing Shelter Cats from Being Killed

"A deadly provision in an otherwise positive bill could result in cats in New Jersey being killed at animal pounds and shelters before owners or caregivers even know they’re missing. Alley Cat Allies has reached out to Governor Christie to ask him to conditionally veto the bill, and we need your help to convince him!

Language in S 2923 would allow pounds and shelters to kill animals based on their “age, health, or behavior” before the required seven-day holding period is up. Just as bad, the bill would threaten impoundment for virtually any cat outdoors. If this language becomes law, it puts all cats—especially old cats, cats with treatable illnesses, and frightened cats—at risk.
All cats deserve a chance to live and all caregivers and owners deserve a chance to save them. True euthanasia occurs only when an animal is fatally injured or untreatably ill—and our laws must reflect that. Contact Governor Christie below and ask him to conditionally veto S 2923 to remove the dangerous language." - Alley Cat Allies

New Jersey Residents have a chance to help by signing the above petition, or heading to your local shelter and adopting a pet. Kay is available at Animal Friends Education and Welfare in Heightstown, NJ.  Her full petfinder profile can be viewed Here!

Please share this article with those you know in New Jersey, and do what you can to help in your local jurisdictions!

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